We were listening to this at work the other day when a UPS driver came in and said he recognized it.”I love this beat.” It was background music until then, but his comment made me listen. Thanks UPS man. Next time I’ll ask your name. Until then, I’ll listen to more. Advertisements

Stick with this one. It’s weird and intense and a trippy. It builds and builds and crashes. Kinda like Frank Zappa. Not for everyone, but great if let it take you.

It’s always interesting when someone with totally a distinctive voice, like Lykke Li, comes out with new music. Being in it’s own category means it’s even harder to distinguish it from previous work. But she manages to do that here, adding a subtle layer to her voice at points, like when she sings “no hope […]

Disco funk beat, catchy synth and rock vocals on top, layers and layers of awesome. This really reminds my of my favorite David Byrne songs.

Well that was much too long of a break. Turns out getting back from vacation is pretty hard. Backed up with work, and mourning not living in a mini fantasy for a few days. I’m going to get back on this project, though, and keep sharing music that hopefully you enjoy. This song exceptionally pretty. […]

I meant to post this last Wednesday, when I left for a one week vacation in Paris, but here’s my away notice for the week. It’s real pretty here, everyone. Back this weekend…

MØ – Walk This Way MØ couldn’t have released her new album, “No Mythologies To Follow,” or this song, on a better day in Boston. First mid-50’s sunny weather we’ve seen in a while, and this is the perfect spring song. I love her voice and her dreamy style.