Atmosphere – Bob Seger Atmosphere is so dramatic and dark. But/and I really like their sound and have yet to grow tired of it. This one’s newish to the world, new to me. Advertisements

A song to wake your week up. Bits of soul, hip-hop, and funk, all twisted together.

I’m posting this song partly ’cause I genuinely like it and am as mesmerized by Lana’s voice as most people, and partly ’cause I don’t want to miss out on posting this song the day it debuts, even if thousands of others already have. Super cool.

Play this one right after the last one for maximum R&B dance party fun times. Flume’s ability to cross genres is seriously impressive.

I missed TLC’s Scrubs the first time around. I almost missed this version. Got it. So worth it. So good.

Four months late, but here’s some new to me Made In Heights. They have a more developed sound than their first EP, which was awesome but carried a lot of the signature sounds of Sabzi, their producer. This is just as good, but has their own unique sound.

Sounds like some heavenly mix of Indian music, a little blues guitar, and an electronic beat. Yum.