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Phildel – Moonsea

Moonsea is such a fitting name for this song. Most of it moves along beautifully and gently, rocking like a calm sea. But the chorus is like a sudden rip-tide. Maybe that takes the analogy too far, and maybe the chorus isn’t really that exciting, but it is for me. Advertisements

Ava Luna – Ice Level

And now, for something almost totally different, a song that starts of like a kind of trippy R&B/vocal jazz song and becomes a catchy R&B duet. A song in two parts that deserves to be listened through in some good headphones.

Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Shampoo

The last few songs have it a bit of a 70’s rock feel. That sound is one of the first that I really connected with, but I’ve since lost touch with it for the most part. But sometimes it still excites me, and it’s fun to reconnect with. Also, sorry for not keeping up the […]

You Won’t – Who Knew

Staying local today, and again following Luke O’Neil’s lead. Bluegrassy, rolling, romantic. They call it “Strum and Bang.”

Blackalicious – Side to Side (Featuring Lateef The Truth Speaker and Pigeon John)

I haven’t thought about or listened to this song in a few years, for no good reason. For no reason at all now that I think of it. But I heard it at a bar tonight and it’s the perfect pick for a Saturday after the last few songs. Quick, catchy, creative hip-hop that tells […]

Oddisee – Own Appeal

The smooth synth-instrumental lays the foundation for Oddisee’s mind blowing rap. A modern evolution of Mr. Lif’s style that will twist your face as you try to follow along.

MØ – Never Wanna Know

I know I just posted another MØ song a month ago, but she’s one of those new artists where every song she releases sounds like gold, like Lana Del Rey recently, and that’s exciting. This song actually has a very similar dramatic and ethereal feel to Lana Del Rey’s music, but her voice is a […]