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Sampha – Too Much

Not the best transition from yesterday’s song, but it’s tough to beat Sampha’s swooning voice on a Sunday. Advertisements

Hot as Sun – Come Come

Found this song on the soundtrack of “For A Good Time Call,” a cheesy movie about two friends who start a phone sex line. The movie uses the chorus. You can guess why.

Darkside – Heart

I’ve never really defined what I mean by Sunday Song. Mostly I mean a song that is relaxed enough to ease me, and hopefully you, off of the weekend, but still good enough to be compelling. Sometimes, though, I also mean a song that helps carry the weight of the week ahead. Which sounds melodramatic, […]

Active Child – Evening Child

Totally should’ve posted this song yesterday and Pharrell’s “Happy” today. This is a perfect sunday song. Oh well. Sounds like a mix of Tracy Chapman and Jose Gonzalez. Slow, sensitive, emotional. Not bad things.

STWO – Lovin U

I’ve been music hunting this weekend with my nice headphones. It had been a while, and it’s remarkable how much it changes the experience. On this song, the bass, the clap track, the complexity of the voices, and everything else is more crisp and powerful. No better way to get lost in a song than […]

Night Things – Sleeping Beauty

Here’s a video to break your heart. As Luke O’Neil puts it, “If this doesn’t make you miss the person you love inside your bones then you don’t have a person to love or bones.” But it’s a great song, and sometimes sad feels good. Choose one of those times, then watch this.

Lou Reed – Billy

One of my favorite Lou Reed songs. He was such a gifted story teller. RIP, Lou.