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Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out (Featuring Timbaland)

Timbaland has a magic touch, especially working with pop-soul artists like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Hudson. Maybe this is a guilty pleasure song, but it’s a pleasure, and that’s what matters. Advertisements

Curtis Harding – Beautiful People

The new soul movement is such a wonderful thing. I just learned about Curtis Harding today. This particular song has some of the reverbing (no way that’s a word) vocals of The Black Keys, but a more intense soul feeling, like Bobby Blue Bland or Curtis Mayfield.

Hermitude – All Of You

A song to wake your week up. Bits of soul, hip-hop, and funk, all twisted together.

Bastille – No Angels (Featuring Ella)

I missed TLC’s Scrubs the first time around. I almost missed this version. Got it. So worth it. So good.

Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Diplo – Hero

Oh my oh my. This song is the first I’ve heard of Converse Rubber Tracks, a Converse Sneakers run recording studio in Brooklyn. Seems like a nice thing, and smart marketing, and I’m so glad this gem came out of it.

Robby Hunter Band – Corazon

I posted another Robby Hunter Band song a while ago, but never actually listened to more of their music. What a dumb thing to do. The rest of their music is just as fun as “Hard On Me,” but still manages to be different enough from song to song to make the whole album interesting. […]

Pharrell Williams – Hunter

Pharrell Williams – Hunter I’ve listened to Pharrell’s new album, GIRL, a few times since he streamed it on iTunes last week, and every time this song stands out amongst a album filled with fun, interesting, pop-funk. It’s all good, but this song is especially infectious.