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Jessica Lea Mayfield – Oblivious

And finally, “Oblivious” off of Jessica Lea Mayfield’s incredible new album, Make My Head Sing. I love every song on this album, but this one especially. It’s the first song and it just knocks you on your ass from the start. Advertisements

The Peach Kings – Hold On

Next, deep bass driven rock from the Peach Kings. Intense and echoing, kind of like Cat Power. Just beautiful.

Swans – A Little God In My Hands

Stick with this one. It’s weird and intense and a trippy. It builds and builds and crashes. Kinda like Frank Zappa. Not for everyone, but great if let it take you.

Reilly Fitzalan – Your Stars

Well that was much too long of a break. Turns out getting back from vacation is pretty hard. Backed up with work, and mourning not living in a mini fantasy for a few days. I’m going to get back on this project, though, and keep sharing music that hopefully you enjoy. This song exceptionally pretty. […]

The Raveonettes – Lust

Lo-fi, echoey, beautiful rock with a guitar riff that will force your eyes shut with joy.

Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Diplo – Hero

Oh my oh my. This song is the first I’ve heard of Converse Rubber Tracks, a Converse Sneakers run recording studio in Brooklyn. Seems like a nice thing, and smart marketing, and I’m so glad this gem came out of it.

Ducky – Killing Time

Bum ba dum, bum bum ba dum, bum ba dum… Every song is better in good headphones. But I forget. And then I hear a song I love and am reminded to put my headphones back on, and then it knocks me on my ass. This song did that.