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Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out (Featuring Timbaland)

Timbaland has a magic touch, especially working with pop-soul artists like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Hudson. Maybe this is a guilty pleasure song, but it’s a pleasure, and that’s what matters. Advertisements

Flume – Change (Featuring How To Dress Well)

Play this one right after the last one for maximum R&B dance party fun times. Flume’s ability to cross genres is seriously impressive.

Bastille – No Angels (Featuring Ella)

I missed TLC’s Scrubs the first time around. I almost missed this version. Got it. So worth it. So good.

Beyonce – Partition

I’ve listened to this song probably 20 times since I first heard it a few days ago. It’s so sexy and sharp and I’m addicted to it. You’ve probably already heard it, and you should probably hear it again.

Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot Me

Every time I hear doo wop, or anything that sounds like doo wop, I wish I lived through that era. On the bright side, great soul music is very much still alive. The energy behind soul music feels so powerful and real and positive, even if the subject is sad. It’s just wonderful.

The Bamboos – You Ain’t No Good

The fast-paced soul rhythm of this song is a great way to follow Imelda May, but I was pretty sure I had posted it before. When I searched the blog’s history i realized I hadn’t posts this one, but I had posted two others with some version of “you’re no good” in the title. So, […]

Chance The Rapper & Jeremih

Don’t know what this song is, and the sound quality isn’t great, but it’s Chance and Jeremih with horns in the background and I love it.