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Lykke Li – Gunshot Lykke Li’s much anticipate new album, I Never Learn, came out yesterday. It is super dramatic, dreamy, and beautiful. On first listen, this song is the star. It has a distinct ’80’s Madonna feel, maybe even with a little influence from The The. Really really great. Advertisements

Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out (Featuring Timbaland)

Timbaland has a magic touch, especially working with pop-soul artists like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Hudson. Maybe this is a guilty pleasure song, but it’s a pleasure, and that’s what matters.

Little Dragon – Let It Go

I’ve been in a (new music) rut recently, for whatever reason, but in the last day I’ve realized that three of my favorite artists have recently put out music. I’ve been hitting repeat a lot. First, new from Little Dragon. Dreamy electro-pop topped with the beautiful, almost 90’s R&B voice of Yukimi Nagano.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

I’m posting this song partly ’cause I genuinely like it and am as mesmerized by Lana’s voice as most people, and partly ’cause I don’t want to miss out on posting this song the day it debuts, even if thousands of others already have. Super cool.

Flume – Change (Featuring How To Dress Well)

Play this one right after the last one for maximum R&B dance party fun times. Flume’s ability to cross genres is seriously impressive.

Bastille – No Angels (Featuring Ella)

I missed TLC’s Scrubs the first time around. I almost missed this version. Got it. So worth it. So good.

De Lux – Better At Making Time

Disco funk beat, catchy synth and rock vocals on top, layers and layers of awesome. This really reminds my of my favorite David Byrne songs.