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Atmosphere – Camera Thief

So much new music! This is the first track off Atmosphere’s new album, Southsiders. A lot of my favorite Atmosphere songs have one hook or one sample that I find mesmerizing. In this case, it’s that muffled guitar/synth sound. I don’t know what makes it, but I can’t get enough. Advertisements

Atmosphere – Bob Seger

Atmosphere – Bob Seger Atmosphere is so dramatic and dark. But/and I really like their sound and have yet to grow tired of it. This one’s newish to the world, new to me.

Hermitude – All Of You

A song to wake your week up. Bits of soul, hip-hop, and funk, all twisted together.

Beats Antique – Beauty Beats

Sounds like some heavenly mix of Indian music, a little blues guitar, and an electronic beat. Yum.

The Sound Defects – Take Out

We were listening to this at work the other day when a UPS driver came in and said he recognized it.”I love this beat.” It was background music until then, but his comment made me listen. Thanks UPS man. Next time I’ll ask your name. Until then, I’ll listen to more.

Robby Hunter Band – Corazon

I posted another Robby Hunter Band song a while ago, but never actually listened to more of their music. What a dumb thing to do. The rest of their music is just as fun as “Hard On Me,” but still manages to be different enough from song to song to make the whole album interesting. […]

Three Loco – Neato

Heard this song for the first time on my way out of work. It bears no resemblance to yesterday’s song, but the lyrics are too good to share. “Neato, burrito, hold the chorizo.”