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The Peach Kings – Soon Will Be

I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up posting here lately. Part of that is because I’ve been getting more into photography and now trying to post one personal picture a day, part of that is because I just haven’t been finding new music every day. I took “a song a day” out of this […]

Nick Waterhouse – Sleeping Pills

Fitting to post the live KEXP session when I first heard this song on KEXP. Goodness that station rules. High energy, horn-backed, modern blues. He even says it’s a true story at the beginning. So, you know, that’s something.

Blakroc – What You Do To Me

The blend of hip-hop and rock in yesterday’s song instantly reminded me of Blakroc, the collaboration between The Black Keys and several hip-hop and R&B artists. It’s pure genius, made even more impressive once you realize it was done in just 11 weeks. Every song manages to retain and highlight every artists abilities. A true […]

Muddy Waters – Sad Letter Blues

While we’re going back, here’s a song from Muddy Waters, who’s music was a major reason I fell in love with the blues years ago. For some reason I keep on getting away from it, looking for new music I suppose. Then I’ll hear something like Muddy Waters in a bar and be reminded all […]