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Nick Waterhouse – Sleeping Pills

Fitting to post the live KEXP session when I first heard this song on KEXP. Goodness that station rules. High energy, horn-backed, modern blues. He even says it’s a true story at the beginning. So, you know, that’s something. Advertisements

Muddy Waters – Sad Letter Blues

While we’re going back, here’s a song from Muddy Waters, who’s music was a major reason I fell in love with the blues years ago. For some reason I keep on getting away from it, looking for new music I suppose. Then I’ll hear something like Muddy Waters in a bar and be reminded all […]

Morphine – Whisper

This is big switch from yesterday’s song, but it’s inspired by tonight, so it fits. There’s little a bar called Atwood’s around the corner from my apartment. Every Wendesday a band of middle-aged dudes called “The Ever Expanding Waistline” plays. Sounds lame, right? Well, that band happens to have two former members of the iconic […]

Shakey Graves – Roll The Bones

There are a few versions of this song, but this is my favorite. As Alejandro pieces the song together one layer at a time his voice digs in a little deeper and the whole thing sinks into you bit by bit. It’s amazing what one person can do.

Deer Tick – The Curtain

Deer Tick – The Curtain The new Deer Tick album, Negativity, came out last week. It’s awesome. I kind of want to post the whole album, but instead here’s the song I’ve played on repeat the most so far. I love this band.  

The Steepwater Band – Dance Me A Number

After a week of female-led electro-pop and a weekend off, now for something completely different. Blues, rock, rockabilly? Whatever the right description, the guitar riff and Jeff Massey’s voice hold this song together from the start to the finish in the best way possible. It’s simple and clean and catchy and still powerful.

The Detroit Cobras – Midnight Blues

I love this band. The grungy blues song toes a line between Etta James, electric Muddy Waters, and the Misfits. Or at least that’s what I hear.