Monthly Archives: February 2014

Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot Me

Every time I hear doo wop, or anything that sounds like doo wop, I wish I lived through that era. On the bright side, great soul music is very much still alive. The energy behind soul music feels so powerful and real and positive, even if the subject is sad. It’s just wonderful. Advertisements

Phildel – Moonsea

Moonsea is such a fitting name for this song. Most of it moves along beautifully and gently, rocking like a calm sea. But the chorus is like a sudden rip-tide. Maybe that takes the analogy too far, and maybe the chorus isn’t really that exciting, but it is for me.

The Greenhornes – Show Me Love

Similar lo-fi sound to yesterday’s song, but rock instead of folk. Sounds like a modern, more bluesy J. Geils band.

The Tallest Man On Earth – Shallow Graves

I went on a little mini vacation this weekend, down to VA for a bike ride. It was sunny, warm, and perfect. The glow of the trip extended into drive back, especially before the sun set, especially while we were still below the Mason Dixon Line, and especially with bluegrass playing. I’m not from the […]

Sun Kil Moon – Jim Wise

Total shift from yesterday’s weird hip-hop to beautiful new folk rock from Sun Kil Moon. Just a lovely album.

Three Loco – Neato

Heard this song for the first time on my way out of work. It bears no resemblance to yesterday’s song, but the lyrics are too good to share. “Neato, burrito, hold the chorizo.”

Saint Motel – My Type

Is fun a genre? Sounds kinda like Franz Ferdinand but more fun.