Monthly Archives: November 2013

Man Man – Rabbit Hands

When I looked Man Man up and saw them described as an “experimental band,” I didn’t really get the description. The first songs I had heard sounded like pretty standard but still very good poppy rock. Then I watched this video, featuring Fred Armison and Sri Lankans. It immediately reminded me of Frank Zappa (the […]

TV On The Radio – New Cannonball Blues

The holiday has taken me off my computer (which is awesome) meaning less time to find new songs to post (which is less awesome). So I’m pulling from the archives again on this one, but it’s a great song from a great band, and that makes it worthwhile.

The Neighborhood – Sweater Weather

This song has gotten crazy popular in the last year. That’s a really hipster thing to say. Regardless, I like it. Not a lot to it, but he has a good voice, the song has the right amount of drama for a good pop song, and the title is perfect.

Jose Gonzalez – Killing For Love

Speaking of Jose Gonzalez, here’s one of my favorite songs. His style is so beautiful, clean, and dramatic.

Active Child – Evening Child

Totally should’ve posted this song yesterday and Pharrell’s “Happy” today. This is a perfect sunday song. Oh well. Sounds like a mix of Tracy Chapman and Jose Gonzalez. Slow, sensitive, emotional. Not bad things.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Pharrell Williams – Happy Pharrell just released the first eve 24-hour music video. It loops his song “Happy” with different dancers every time. The spontaneous interactions and cross section of people featured make this project so brilliant. Play for a while on the site, or see the highlights here.

Blackalicious – Side to Side (Featuring Lateef The Truth Speaker and Pigeon John)

I haven’t thought about or listened to this song in a few years, for no good reason. For no reason at all now that I think of it. But I heard it at a bar tonight and it’s the perfect pick for a Saturday after the last few songs. Quick, catchy, creative hip-hop that tells […]