Monthly Archives: October 2013

Yeasayer – Longevity

Speaking of Yeasayer, here’s one of their most recent “Fragrant World.” I love how tense their music is, and how quickly it breaks and build that tension. I also love how weird they are. This video is a good example, even if it is one of their more normal videos. Advertisements

Cut Copy – Lights & Music

One of my favorite Cut Copy songs. Partially because it has a great electro-pop hook, but, to be honest, mostly because the chorus reminds me of Yeasayer and I can’t get enough Yeasayer.

The Films – Pour It Out

Been looking for the right time to post this song for a long time. Following Lou Reed is a good time. It’s kind of like a smoothed out Lou Reed ballad. Beautiful music.

Lou Reed – Billy

One of my favorite Lou Reed songs. He was such a gifted story teller. RIP, Lou.

Earl Sweatshirt – Sunday (Featuring Frank Ocean)

Today in harsh transitions, we switch from the ballad-y, dramatic Best Coast indie rock to Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean hip-hop. Frank moves away from his usual R&B style to a more pure rap style in this song, and it works really well. Also, it’s called Sunday and today’s saturday. Hilarious!

Best Coast – Fade Away

The long notes and dragging lyrics in this song really pull me in. It’s great.

The Love Language – Brittany’s Back

I heard this song first on KEXP today. KEXP rules. The song does too. It sounds like a modern, revved up version of the best rock that came out of the 60’s.