Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Steepwater Band – Dance Me A Number

After a week of female-led electro-pop and a weekend off, now for something completely different. Blues, rock, rockabilly? Whatever the right description, the guitar riff and Jeff Massey’s voice hold this song together from the start to the finish in the best way possible. It’s simple and clean and catchy and still powerful. Advertisements

La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy

I adore this song but for some reason I’ve held out on posting it. Partly because it’s popular, partly because I was saving it for a special occasion or something. But it just came up in a playlist and now I can’t resist. Her voice slays me. I like to sing along and pretend I’m […]

The Submarines – 1940

This is turning into a song every other day. That’s ok. Here’s a meandering, dreamy, electro-pop song by The Submarines. Blake’s voice can sound more poppy at times, like in “You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie,” which was made famous by the Apple commercial, but in this song it sounds more raw, almost like Coco Rosie. […]

MØ – Never Wanna Know

I know I just posted another MØ song a month ago, but she’s one of those new artists where every song she releases sounds like gold, like Lana Del Rey recently, and that’s exciting. This song actually has a very similar dramatic and ethereal feel to Lana Del Rey’s music, but her voice is a […]

Float Fall – Someday

This might be a reach, but her voice reminds me of Lykke Li and so this seems like a good Sunday Song to follow the last three. But it might not be a reach because they are both from Northern Europe. But it really doesn’t matter, because this is a nice song to fall asleep […]

Phantogram – Black Out Days

New from Phantogram: Black Out Days. It’s not a perfect transition, but in a way Phantogram’s electronic sound is the modern translation of Madonna’s 80’s electronic style. A little more layered, but dramatic in the same way. Reminds me of Santigold and Lykke Li

La Chansons – Jerrica

Maybe it’s wrong for me to compare modern artists to Madonna, who I didn’t grow up with and am no expert on. But if this doesn’t sound like Solange and if they both don’t sound like Madonna then I’m deaf. Which would be very confusing.