Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Pack A.D. – Bang

This song will hook you from the first note. The reverberating guitar and crawling vocals get under your skin in the best way possible. And as it builds it only goes deeper. This is a real good one. Advertisements

Thee Shams – Scream My Name

I could have gone in one of two directions after yesterday’s song, which has bits of Danzig-like metal and Black Keys-like blues in it, I think. I know blues better, so I give you some gritty garage rock blues from Thee Shams (spelled wrong in the link).

The Ettes – Red in Tooth and Claw

I really should’ve posted this song at the start of the day to kick start the week. Let’s pretend instead the week starts tomorrow, and carry the pumped up bluesy garage rock feel of this song all the way through. Or at least until Wednesday…

Neko Case – Maybe Sparrow

This might be my favorite Neko Case song. It is one of the very few songs from anyone and any genre that I can always rely on to set things right. That’s an awfully powerful thing, and I am eternally grateful to Neko for that.

Neko Case – Man

I forgot to post yesterday, so you get two right now. And as I was thinking about what two songs to post, I came across this, the first song released off Neko Case’s new album “The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You.” Neko’s music is […]

Peggy Sue – He’s A Rebel

Peggy Sue – He’s A Rebel: I went back and forth a few times on this one. I knew I wanted to post this song, but wasn’t sure if I should post the original by The Crystals or this version by the wonderful Peggy Sue. Listen to both, though. They are both awesome, and they are […]

Lucius – Turn It Around

I really love catchy pop with female vocals, as you can probably tell. Here’s one from the relatively new but soon to catch on Brooklyn-based Lucius. As a side note, thank you to everyone who checks in and follows. If there’s anything you especially like and want to hear more music like it, or any […]