Monthly Archives: June 2013

Noora Noor – Forget What I Said

Sometimes I forget how beautiful blues music can be, and how much I love it. Then a song like this comes along. Happy Sunday folks. Advertisements

Vic Mensa – Hollywood LA

I love Vic’s speed and slightly gravelly voice. And I love the shifting pace of this song especially. Slow fast fast slow. Stop. Slow fast.

Andre Nickatina – Ayo For Yayo (Featuring San Quinn)

Long week, late night, good hip-hop. All that matters tonight.

Belleruche – Cloverleaf

When I first heard Belleruche, I remember how excited I was to find one band that encompasses so many of my favorite genres of music I like. Tru Thoughts, their record label, describes them as “handmade hip hop blues soul,” which sounds about right. You can add trip-hop and a female vocalist with a beautiful […]

Sporto Kantes – Sick Song

No songs yesterday = two songs today. One electronic song today = another today. Pretty sure the sample is French. Not so good with language. Either way, it’s layered on an mixed up guitar/turn table/synthesizer track, and it sounds good, and that’s what matters.

Smokey Robotic – Barefoot (Walk on Love)

Smokey Robotic – Barefoot (Walk on Love): Soundcloud tags this song “Superfuture.” Not sure what that is. It’s electronic with a little R&B, a little poppy hip-hop that sounds almost like Aesop Rock. It’s catchy as hell. Superfuture!

Bobby “Blue” Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City

Bobby “Blue” Bland was a pioneer of the soul-blues genre that has since inspired so many other genres. His voice and his style are full of soul and unmistakable. He passed today. RIP Bobby.